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please someone help me with this :D

Hey everyone - I haven't requested in a few weeks, so I thought it's time for another one. My friend is in a band called Jack Ate My Sandwich and he'd love an icon made with his band name on it for his livejournal. I hope someone can help me out with this - it's all in the cut below.

Id' like this picture cropped so that it only shows the face and part of the left shoulder of the guy on the left (no beer bottle or arm in the pic) and on the bottom so that you don't see the words. it should still have all 4 guys in it though. after you crop that, put that picture as the first part of the icon, then have the entire icon change to a black screen and have it say

what the "f" happened to my sandwich?!

in white text. (i want the actual quotations around the letter f in that, not the word 'fuck') after that, have it switch to this picture (but please crop it so that you don't see the writing on the bottom) then switch to the black screen again and have it say


in white text, and then have that disappear and have

jack ate my sandwich.

appear in white text also. then after that, have it start all over again (the guys, the black screen, the sandwich, etc).

That's it! lol I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn't. He'd like all the text to be white, and for it to be Comic Sans font. I hope someone can make this for me/him! :D

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