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Requests for Dani

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[12 Apr 2006|02:15pm]

I found your site while randomly surfing though Livejournal this morning, and thought "wow- that's a brilliant idea" and was wondering if you could make an icon for my roleplay character's journal? Anything you can come up with would be most welcome!

Picture(if any): Anything from here or here I'm not that fussy , as long as he looks pretty ^^''
Text: Nothing, thank you
 Font(s): Anything readable, prefably something that looks vaguly Russian - like the font Perestroika or Accents Euro Soviet from dafont.com
Color(s): Preferably black and white or sepia, but whatever looks good!
Animation: None, thank you.
Example (if one): -
Anything Else: If possible, I'd like a vaguely Russian (ie, the old USSR or new Russian state flag in the background) theme to the icon, in the background or whatnot. I'll be happy with anything you lovely people can come up with!

Thank you, you're a star. ^^;;

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sorry! i'll repost that. Star [21 Oct 2005|04:38pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Picture(if any):http://www.flickr.com/photos/maddys/52846580
Text: Drama boy love
Font(s): anything pretty but readable
Color(s): something light but readable
Animation: sparkles?
Example (if one):
Anything Else:

Picture(if any):http://www.flickr.com/photos/maddys/52846447/in/set-1146151/
Text: "brian, this party is for you!"
"you're kidding!"
Cowe love
Font(s): first two plain text, the third something pretty and readable.
Color(s): orange? up to you.
Animation:the same pic, with the text flashing line by line
Example (if one):
Anything Else:

email: Gwen@nehousehold.com

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Request [26 Jul 2005|01:37am]


Hey! I'm so psyched I came across your community. Not many ppl are nice enough to take requests! *STAR*:-D


Picture(if any):  (I dunno if that'll work..I think it should, it just needs to be resized please, if you don't mind)
Text: "Real love stories" (new frame) "Never have endings" (new frame) "05.29.04"
Font(s): anything smallish, along the bottom of the pic, not our faces - your choice
Color(s): Red so it'll match his hat:-D, and if you could make the pic black and white that'd be AWESOME.
Animation: just the words on the bottom
Example (if one):
Anything Else: Would you mind making the letters glitter?

AIM: oOCheshireLaLaOo - the Os are the letter, not the number

EMAIL: lalasavesthedayagain@yahoo.com



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[10 Aug 2004|01:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

request-star-will definately credit!

Picture(if any): icon1
Text: "so you think you can tell (new frame) heaven from hell,(if it can't fit, new frame) blue skies from pain
Font(s): something small and cute, but read-able. your choice
Color(s): rainbow, but if not, then pink.
Animation: just the words at the bottem, not covering the face.
Example (if one):
Anything Else: can you make the words glittery?
email : lovextohate@aol.com
aim : hiiimperfect
thank you so much :D

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request [27 Jun 2004|09:29pm]

i cut it because the picture is bigCollapse )

oh yea. star.
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[10 Jan 2004|09:24pm]

if you could take that and write "nothing at all" fashing but slowly and maybe put a border aorund it id just love it.

thank you. ♥
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Request! [10 Jan 2004|02:22am]

[ mood | calm ]

Ok I would be sooooooo extremely grateful to any person who did this icon for me. It would be my first animated icon!


Could you just take in the sides so it would be just wide enough to be icon size!

I'd also like to add a text cap at the bottum saying: "Too Cute!"

Any colors or text type you want!


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please [20 Sep 2003|02:31pm]

Oh the PainCollapse )

I want them pics to flash
I want it to say:
Fresh in my head like a painted picture
somestars on there and thats about it
Colors red white and black

Credit will be given if needed im me brokenstarnight
and email is Brokenstarnight@hotmail.com
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been a long time.. dunno.. [15 Sep 2003|05:31pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i tried makin gthis request before but the damn pics didn't show up. Damn them!!!! Oh well, maybe it'll work this time.

1st request..
Honey in the shadows

What happens When Night comes

some kind of script font

whatever will show up.. maybe navy or some sort of blue???

faded font.. like "What happens" fades into "When night comes"


2nd request

Stern faced temptation

Prisoner of Lust

again, some sort of script font

maybe white or black.. i don't care whatever shows up

"Prisoner of" written across the top left diagnol "Lust" written at the bottom right diagnol (both slanted upright) and the work "lust" fades in and out (do ya get it kinda)

Email:LadyIrish2004@hotmail.com or
AIM: xopurdeyinpunkox


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[13 Sep 2003|02:26pm]

[ mood | good ]

Ok, very sorry about the little break I took, I just had a lot going on. A few things. This community will now only be open on Fridays-Sundays. I'm very sorry about this, I am just too busy. However, I will take requests until Monday this time. If you requested before or after I posted the "closed" notice, please post again. Thanks so much for hanging in there, you guys. You all rock! And don't forget to read the rules! ;)

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request [12 Sep 2003|05:15pm]

[ mood | calm ]

this picture

made to icon size

have it say "memories on a roll" (without quotations)

you choose font and color


carebear stare

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request :D [12 Sep 2003|05:01pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'd like this picture to be made into an icon size, and then for it to say on the top (without quotations) "sing me something soft" then have it fade out, and say "sad and delicate" then have it fade out, and say "or loud and out of key" then have it fade out, and say "sing me anything" on the bottom.

i'd like the writing to be in white and kind of on the small side, but the font is up to you. I hope you can do it! :D

carebear stare

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[31 Aug 2003|11:18am]



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BIG REQUEST! [30 Aug 2003|11:56pm]

broadwaybabe10 Ok this is my big icon request I've been planning to do! Anyone who may choose to make it will be given BIG credit!

There are 7 flashes in this!

1st pic:http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl6.jpg

Text: Tori *flash*

2nd pic: http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl2.jpg

Text: Taylor *flash*

3rd pic:http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl4.jpg

Text: Katelyn *flash*

4th pic:http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl7.jpg

Text: Lucy *flash*

5th pic: http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl5.jpg

Text: Danielle and...

6th pic:http://home.villagephotos.com/2003-8/19215/girl3.jpg



Any colors and text type you want! please feel free to be creative!!!

If you do this for me I'll love you forever and probably put you on my friends list!!! <3 me
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STAR! [27 Aug 2003|07:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Picture(if any):--
Text:Emmalee <3 Jake
Color(s):background-gray font-pink
Animation:when the letter go make it glow like its spelling the letters.
Example (if one):--
Anything Else:--


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VERY easy [25 Aug 2003|03:55pm]

I'd like this picture to be cropped so it's just around his face, then shrunk to an icon size. Then, if possible, could you put a capital "H" (without the quotations)in the bottom left hand corner and maybe have it flash from a dark blue like in the pic to a light blue like the writing on the pic? But if you can't have it flash, don't worry. THANKS!

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Not an icon - just need something shrunk and written on [23 Aug 2003|02:33pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey everyone, I was hoping that someone could take this picture and shrink it just a tiny bit. Also, I'd like you to get rid of the URL up at the top right corner, and if possible, could you write "dedicated to and made for ashley" on it somewhere on the left like above his pen in some cool font? I'd REALLY appriciated it! Thanks so much!


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[18 Aug 2003|09:14pm]
okay... here's my requestCollapse )
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please someone help me with this :D [18 Aug 2003|09:23pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey everyone - I haven't requested in a few weeks, so I thought it's time for another one. My friend is in a band called Jack Ate My Sandwich and he'd love an icon made with his band name on it for his livejournal. I hope someone can help me out with this - it's all in the cut below.

request under hereCollapse )

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[18 Aug 2003|04:55pm]

i have a request.

Picture(if any):
Text: at the end of the animation can you have it say 'i love you' by itself
Font(s): arial but it doesn't really matter
Color(s): at the end of the animation have it plain black with the text in the center. text in white
Animation: ^^^^
Example (if one): except don't have the text slide in and have it normal size. 100x100
Anything Else: can you have the animation go a little faster so it looks normal not slow like it does now. also the animation i posted is too big in size. is there anyway you can have it so i can upload it to livejournal. thanks!
my email is sparkling_diamond62067@yahoo.com

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